Porphyry Stone

Porphyry is never evenly colored. The natural cleft surface of both rough and processed elements is full of chromatic variations, although one usually predominates over others.

To simplify, we will refer to the two principal, basic color ranges found in the market: grey and red.

The natural cleft grey porphyry is never uniform but the dominant hues are grey, purple grey and light brown. The natural cleft red porphyry classification is harder but we can talk about a mixed reddish, reddish-brown and pink.

There are also fewer areas within the quarry where we can get the yellowish-brown color from as a special order.

It should be considered that individual porphyry elements do not give the idea of the final aspect of the entire paving, the real color will be the combination of all the pieces involved. Reddish colors tend to be strongly perceived than weak grey shades in the overall balance.